Friday, June 2, 2017

Thoughts on Wonder Woman

Just came back from seeing Wonder Woman.  It was a pretty good movie with a few flaws, but so far the best of the DCEU films by a long stretch.  I will share some of the thoughts I had watching the film below.  Be warned, there will be SPOILERS!

The little girl who plays young Diana is adorable.  And Gal Gadot does an amazingly good job of portraying the same innocent sweetness as a grown up Diana.  Wonder Woman is the first DC hero since Christopher Reeves donned the red and blue to be allowed to be likable, and it's pretty great I think.

So World War II would have been the more obvious choice of time setting, with the Nazis making the perfect embodiment of the evil of man's war-mongering ways.  Of course, they may have just wanted to go with the less obvious choice.  But I think they were trying to avoid comparison's with Captain America.

Which they immediately brought on by giving Wonder Woman her own version of the Howling Commandos.  But wait, these obviously aren't the Howling Commandos, because they were very careful to use the few ethnic stereotypes that weren't included in Cap's movie.

How did Diana go her whole life without realizing she had super strength?  Speaking of which, how old is she?  They make it seem like she grew up in a normal span and is a young woman when she leaves the island.  But she is the daughter of Zeus, who died after his battle with Ares.  So did she take a really long time to grow up?  Or has she been a young woman for hundreds of years?
was pretty cool, especially once he puts on the armor
Some of the effects were wonky.  One scene where she jumping around using the lasso look really cartoony.  But overall the action scenes are so good that I'm willing to give that one a pass.  Wonder Woman comes off like a total badass.

I wasn't thrilled with the casting of Gal Gadot initially, and nothing in Batman V Superman made me rethink that.  But she really won me over in this movie.  She was surprisingly good, and her smile can charm even the hardest of hearts I think.

Back to the Captain America comparison, the movie ends with the soldier named Steve getting on the airplane to stop it from unleashing a German superbomb on an Allied city.  Then we flash back to the present.  I don't see how I haven't seen more comparisons of the two movies honestly.

Ares was pretty cool, especially once he puts on the armor from the comics.  It was pretty faithful and looked really good.  Wonder Woman was super powerful in that fight though, which made me wonder why she couldn't kill Doomsday herself.  I mean, she takes out a god.

There were a few shots that looked like she might be flying, including the last shot of the movie.  But it was very unclear, was she flying or just jumping really high and far.  I think they're going to go with flying, because they'll avoid the whole invisible jet thing.

Now that I'm done nitpicking, I have to say this is easily the best of the DCEU movies.  Admittedly that's a low bar, but this is a pretty good movie.  And it seems most people agree that it is.  Of the few negative reviews I've seen, most are obviously by people who just dislike superhero movies.  And one was by a woman who complained that the movie didn't hate on men enough. I thought the movie had a good message, but didn't beat you over the head with it.  It has some of the coolest action sequences I've seen. Also it made really good use of slow motion if the fight sequences, and didn't overdo it.  And it takes it's time in telling the story instead of rushing from one big spectacle to the next.  The whole cast was pretty good, and this is the first DCEU movie where I really liked the soundtrack.  I think things are moving in the right direction for DC with this movie, and hope this is the direction they go with.  While the movie definitely looks more muted than Marvel's movies, it wasn't so dark that you couldn't see what was happening.  Themyscira was even brightly lit.  I highly recommend the movie if you haven't seen it yet.

Don't bother waiting around for a post credits scene, there wasn't one.  It was actually refreshing that they didn't spend much time setting up for Justice League, and surprising considering it comes out later this year.  I'm glad they decided to keep the focus on Wonder Woman.  And can I just say, she is one of the Big Three, it's about damn time we got a movie.

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