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Thoughts on Iron Fist

I just finished Iron Fist.  While I have to agree that it's not the strongest entry in the Marvel Netflix canon, I have to say that I still enjoyed it.  I wanted to give some of my thoughts on it.  While this is not a review as such (more like my personal nitpicks of the show) it will contain SPOILERS!!!
Dum dum Dummmmmm!

Again, this is not meant to be taken as a review, but rather just as things that crossed my mind while watching the show.  I stress this because I don't want to give the impression that I hated the show.  I actually enjoyed it.  But it tends to be the stupid things that pull me out and cause me to have thoughts other than "Oh shit,that was cool", so this may tend to skew negative.

The problem that all the previous Marvel Netflix seasons had was that about midway through the season something would happen that would just take the story off the rails and kill momentum.  Iron Fist solved this in an interesting way.  Instead of halfway through the season, they had this happen at the end on the first and through the second episode.  Not a great choice to start your action series with your hero getting locked in an asylum.  It did help the season not to sag in the middle thogh, I'll give them that.

Really Danny, you're going to just trust the guy who came back from the dead because he is working with the hand?

Wow, is it just me or is that the most bland and boring credit sequence ever devised for an action show?  I know they were going with the trend, everyone seems to be trying to copy the opening credits of Madmen these days.  Westworld has had the best sequence of this style.  This one just seemed kind of flat.

One big complaint I have about the Marvel Netflix shows is so much of it is filmed in the freaking dark.  I realize this is probably done to hide the fact that it is not our dashing leading man kicking everyone in the face (a theory bolstered by the fact that Daredevil and Iron Fist are more guilty than Luke Cage and Jessica Jones) but it would be nice to be able to see what was happening on my screen.

Some of the fights were really good though, especially the sword fights.  These often felt like they were straight out of a kung fu movie, a touch the show could have used more.

I know they have to save it for the Defenders, but it seems odd that Claire wouldn't mention that she knows a guy who has experience fighting the Hand and suggest maybe giving him a call.

Speaking of Claire, is it just me or did they turn her into a bit of a nag in this show?  She invites herself along and then complains the whole time it felt like.  You could have just stayed home you know.

No cameo, but I did spot Stan the Man's beaming smile on a poster in the background!

Most people complained about the amount of board room drama, but personally I would have liked to have seen more of Danny Rand the moral crusading executive.  Maybe it was just a bit of fantasy wish fulfillment in the times we live in.

Wait, is the greatest martial artist from a monastery full of warrior monks actually getting his ass handed to him by a half crazy dude with a pipe in that final fight?

I know that writers think that the hero having self doubt is a good dramatic tool, but personally I would like to see a confident hero for a change.  That's part of the reason I like the big screen Marvel heroes.  Besides, self doubt is more powerful as a dramatic tool if it pops up in someone who is normally supremely confident.  When they are always questioning themselves they come across like a bunch of whiny bitches.  My big problem with Zack Snyder's take on Superman is that he turned him into an angsty emo.  And I know people are going to say "But this is his origin.  Of course he's not confident yet."  Ah, but they snuck in a way to make him question himself in the second season now too, by blaming himself for the disappearance of Kun Lun, without even knowing all the details and if there is even anything to blame himself for.  Maybe the path just closed.

If you know the Hand has the ability to give people the power to come back to life, and you kill the Hand's leader and the body disappears, why would your first assumption be that the Hand must have taken the body?

It felt to me that both Davos and Joy were terribly quick to turn on Danny, especially Joy who doesn't have the jealousy and betrayal that Davos has to fuel his anger.  I mean, all the things she is upset about were already happening, Danny actually helped put a stop to them.  Why would she hate him now?

Danny does come across like a crazy person in this show, even after we know his story is legit.  He is constantly having flashbacks and a couple of times even talked to someone who isn't there.  Honestly, I kind of feel like he did deserve to be in an institution.  And worst executive ever!  I mean he was ousted from his company for days before he even knew about it.

Why would the people of Kun Lun speak with a British accent?  Seems weird.

When Danny was telling Colleen that her "good" Hand should reconsider their name, and was suggesting the ear,or the arm, it was a perfect opportunity to make a joke about the Foot clan.  Oh, wasted opportunity!

The show overall was a little flat, but honestly I think I enjoyed it more than the second season of Daredevil, which I felt was a bit too dark and dreary, and plodded in my opinion.  I liked it, though I think Danny is a good opportunity to introduce a character who is maybe not so grim and brooding.  That is what I thought we were getting in the beginning, but they decided not to go that route.  A little humor now and then wouldn't kill you guys.  The best drama has a lighter touch now and then, as a palate cleanser of nothing else.  If I want constant gloom and despair and angst, I'll watch the news for Christ's sake.

I noticed Claire said that she and Luke were not an item.  Does this mean they are leaving the door open for him to hook up with Jessica like in the comics?  If so, hopefully she doesn't get sidelined playing Susy Homemaker.

I honestly thought they would not have the comics costume show up at all in the show, but then there it was, in that Chinese film footage from 1948.  As Claire kept quoting all through this season, Sweet Christmas!

THise were my thoughts, what did you think of the first season of Iron Fist?

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