Thursday, March 24, 2016

Marvel Is Spinning Off The Wrong Show

I watched the newest episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. last night and it is apparent the rumors are true.  Below I will discuss what I mean and  why I think it is a bad idea.  If you are not up to date on the show, consider yourself warned.  THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

The latest episode set the scene for the long rumored spinoff with Bobbi and Hunter, by having them put in a situation where they were forced to leave the team.  I think this will be a big mistake for Marvel T.V.  I think the new show won't be interesting enough to hold it's own weight, and I think taking these characters away from the current show will detract from it.

One of the initial complaints about AoS was a lack of superpowers.  They have remedied that by introducing Inhumans.  But how are Bobbi and Hunter supposed to deal with Inhuman threats using guns and batons?  Plus, AoS will be dealing with Inhuman threats as well, so if they go this route the shows would be stepping on each others' toes.  This leaves the option for a straight up spy/action show not dealing with powers.  Television is bursting at the seams with these, so it would be up to the characters and the actors portraying them to make this show stand out.

Don't get me wrong, I like these characters.  I just don't think they would be as interesting without the dynamic of the team.  Hunter is a lot of fun when he gets too familiar with Coulson, or his awkward interactions with May.  Reducing his regular interactions to only Bobbi would severely limit his opportunities to shine.  Removing S.H.I.E.L.D. from the equation removes the dynamic that made the relationship between these two characters the most interesting.  Bobbi was dedicated to the agency and Hunter was dedicated to Bobbi, and it was fun to see how those loyalties played out.

AoS also loses two elements that made the last season so much fun.  Hunter as loose cannon was a great addition to the show.  I realize that with them adding Secret Warriors to the mix they needed to make some room for new characters to keep from overcrowding.  To be honest though, I felt like Secret Warriors was the more obvious spinoff.

That show would have an unlimited source of conflicts, new characters, villains.  I feel that Daisy is in a better place to be able to carry her own show, maybe taking Mac along for the ride.  The show would be able to deal with powered threats in a credible way, adding something significant to the MCU, and leaving the spy vs spy stuff to AoS.  This would give each show it's own playground to work in.  The Bobbi and Hunter show is likely to be AoS light.

I hope I am wrong and the new show is fantastic.  But I think back to the early first season of AoS and how it was Clark Gregg's charm that basically kept it afloat, and I just get a bad feeling.  Of course, Marvel has done so much great ground work that they can afford to take risks and have the occasional mis-step.  And we'll still have AoS, the movies, and the Netflix shows, even if this new show does turn out to be less than stellar.

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