Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Did Edward James Olmos Just Give Me A Spoiler?

During last night's live tweeting of AoS for the west coast, Edward James Olmos responded to a tweet of mine with a very intriguing statement.  He had tweeted his line from the show that sometimes sacrifices have to be made for the greater good.  Below is the exchange that came after:

Is he copping to being a villain?  Maybe he's just encouraging her to keep watching.  A very cryptic answer.

On a side note, it is really great how the cast of AoS interacts with their fans on Twitter.  I have only started watching the live tweets in the last two weeks, and I have already interacted with Clark Gregg, Edward James Olmos, and a crew member named Mark Kolpak.

Thanks Aos cast and crew for taking the time to interact with your fandom.  Just another reason this is the greatest show on t.v.

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