Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The X-Files is returning!: Why I am excited, and why I will be inevitably disappointed

It has been confirmed that the X-Files is coming back to t.v.


The X-Files starred David Duchovny as FBI agent Fox Mulder and Gillian Anderson as agent Dana Scully.  Agent Mulder used his job at the FBI to follow his obsession with extraterrestrials and the paranormal, an obsession that was sparked by his sister's abduction when they were children.  Agent Scully was assigned to agent Mulder and the X-Files in order to debunk his work, but ended up becoming his staunchest ally and more.

The stories (involving urban legend monsters, UFO's, and government conspiracies) seemed tailor made to appeal to my interests at the time.  Occasionally they would lighten the mood, and some of those episodes were darkly hilarious.  This was the first show I watched that built a mythology and overarching story-line that spanned not just episodes, but seasons.

This was the greatest show I had ever seen.  Then the Fight the Future movie happened.  It was promised that this movie would move the alien invasion story forward.  Questions were to be answered.  But alas, none of that was to be.  In fact the story was reset back to where it was prior to season 5.

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In spite of this disappointment I continued to watch this show religiously.  The mythology got so convoluted and sloppy is was impossible to follow.  Then Fox Mulder was abducted.  Half of the formula that made the show work was now gone.  They replaced him with an agent that was as much fun to watch as drying paint.  The moments of humor seemed to just dry up completely.

Then there was a second movie that ignored the alien invasion plot completely.  Which would have been fine had the marketing not been designed to indicate otherwise.

Now the show is coming back with the original stars.  Mulder and Scully will once again be investigating the unknown for the length of a six episode mini-series.  Hosanna and joy!

But then I began to wonder.  Would these new episodes deal with the (already overdue) alien invasion, or would they do as the last movie had done and ignore that story?  Would this be six stand-alone episodes, or would there be a new story that would thread through the six new episodes?

I realized that I really want some closure on the alien invasion, but the mythology is such a mess at this point that there is almost no way to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion.  And while stand-alone episodes like Jose Chung and War of the Coprophages were some of my favorites, I would be distressed if they acted as though the imminent alien invasion was a non-event and just ignored it.

So the show seems to be in a no win scenario.  No matter how they approach this mini-series they are sure to disappoint fans.  Hopefully they can pull off a Captain Kirk and beat this Kobayashi Maru.  This is one time I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

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