Saturday, August 12, 2017

Spider-Man The Coming Of The Kangroo

Spider-Man is one of my top three favorite superheroes.  I love the humor that was in the classic Spidey books.  In spite of being a huge fan, I can admit that even before the infamous Clone Saga Web Head's books occasionally went off the rails.  This is not a cover that would entice any but the most die hard of fans.  The Kangaroo is hardly a terror inspiring moniker, and the guy doesn't really even have a costume.  Although I suppose it would have been worse if he had been dressed as a giant kangaroo.  And what's up with those bandages on his hands?  Is that supposed to imply that he's a boxer?  You know, because kangaroos box. Sometimes I love comics purely, sometimes I love them in spite of their goofiness, and now and then I love them precisely because they are so damn goofy.  This would fall in that latter category.

Marvel Age Stan Lee

The cover of Marvel Age with Stan The Man Lee on the cover.  While it can be debated over how much he actually contributed to the creation of the Marvel characters we all love, that doesn't matter to me.  He had two indisputable contributions.  One was he set the kind of silly tone of Marvel comics, with it's silly puns and alliteration.  The second was, he became the unofficial official spokesman for comics and comic book culture.  He became the embodiment of what we were into, and went out and preached that gospel to the world at large who thought we were wasting our time and money on these stupid little comic books.  He talked to comics fans like real people and didn't treat them like they were lesser for reading superhero stories told in pictures.

The Day The Earth Stood Still poster

A poster for a classic sci-fi movie.  While the movie had a message about man's inhumanity, as a kid I just loved it because it had a really cool fuckin' robot.  Also, sci-fi stuff was harder to find back then, so you ate up whatever you could get your grubby little hands on.  I'm pretty sure this is a fan art poster, but it puts the most important element front and center, so I dig it.

Metallica lyrics in Hit Parader

Did you ever read Hit Parader?  Remember how they used to print the song lyrics at the back of he magazine.  It was often how I learned the words to popular songs.  While they tended to focus on the poppier hair metal bands, this was the year that And Justice For All was big so we got two Metallica songs right on top of each other.

Guns N Roses

Guns N Roses are back this summer, and from all reports their show is kicking ass.  So while I try to figure out how to afford tickets to go see them, I thought I'd share this cool poster from an earlier era. Somehow being depicted as skeletons conveys the message that these guys rock hard.  I don't understand it, but I dig it.